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As a Quality-Certified Multi-Line Optical Character Reader (MLOCR) Service Bureau, all of Postage Savers’ services are targeted to provide a cost-effective alternative to maintaining expensive equipment and managing an in-house mailroom or letter shop.

Want to know one of the best-kept secrets about MLOCR services? MLOCR services not only save money for clients, but also there are no costs to the client for implementation. Postage Savers receives its payment from the United States Postal Service!

We process in excess of fifty million pieces of mail annually. Our clients include small businesses, individuals, large national corporations and political candidates. With today’s ever-changing business environment and more people staying at or working from home, your marketing tactics should include using targeted marketing and mailing services.

Whether you’re mailing a 500-piece newsletter once a quarter or generating 50,000 statements a day, Postage Savers can offer cost-saving solutions to your organization. Our professional staff will handle your mailing with great care and attention to detail, ensuring it’s prepared according to your instructions, goes out in a timely manner, and utilizes the most efficient delivery at the lowest possible postage rate.

MLOCR Sorting

Postage Savers Printing & Direct Mail was the first presort bureau in Mississippi to provide automated barcoding and presorting services to its customers. We continue to offer this on-line barcoding and presorting for first class mail such as invoices, statements, checks and everyday correspondence.

Enjoy first class postage discounts! Your first class mail can be combined with mail from other customers to create large quantities within zip codes across the nation, enabling your business to benefit from immediate postage savings and improved mail service.

Our Multi-Line Optical Character Reader (MLOCR) sorter processes letter-size mail with the latest available technologies, providing substantial savings on First Class United States Postal Service rates.

MLOCR Advanced Technology

Postage Savers employs the latest in Multi-Line Optical Character Readers (MLOCR) to read the complete address, apply the correct Intelligent Mail Barcode (IMB) on each piece of mail and sort it to the qualifying zip code destination.

No need to make complicated adjustments to your mailroom procedures to take advantage of first class presort discounts! Simply apply the correct postage and presort indicia or let Postage Savers do it for you. Postage Savers will pick up your mail and process it for dispatch that day.

When you’re ready to start saving money, contact us and let’s get started!

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