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Mailing Standards

Mail pieces can qualify for more and greater discounts when they’re designed to United States Postal Service standards.

Some Basic Standards:

First Class Postcards

Minimum size is 3.5” high by 5″ long and .007″ thick

Maximum size is 4.25″ high by 6″ long and .016″ thick


Minimum size is 3.5″ high by 5″ long and .007″ thick

Maximum size is 6.125″ high by 11.5″ long and .25″ thick


Must be rectangular but NOT square and meet the following size requirements:

Height – minimum 5″; maximum 12″

Length – minimum 6″; maximum 15″

Thickness – minimum .009″; maximum 3/4″

Note – These are only general size and thickness requirements. Please check with your Postage Savers’ mailing specialist for exceptions and special rules for your mail pieces and projects.


In order to receive the lowest United States Postal Service rates, self-mailers (small booklets and other folded items) require one or more “tabs” on the open edge to prevent their jamming in USPS equipment. Placement is determined by the size and type of mailing.


The indicia is the equivalent of a postage stamp and includes the type of mailing, postal permit number, and post office that issued the permit.

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